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How to make a Tiara

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Making tiaras can be a very satisfying. The techniques for making them are quite simple yet the final result looks complicated and sophisticated.

Tiaras these days are not only worn for weddings but also for proms and special occasions and it is wonderful to see someone walk down the aisle, or dressed for a prom, in a tiara you have designed and made for them.

The simple techniques you need to master for tiaras are:

In this series of tutorials our aim is to take you through a number of different tiara designs and to explain the techniques needed to make them.

If you have a go at making a couple of different designs you will find that you will quickly master the necessary skills and will be well on the way to designing and making your own unique and beautiful tiaras.

Free Tiara Making Tutorials

The pictures below show a series of tiaras we have made ourselves (only two at the moment but more are on the way). Clicking on the picture will take you to the instructions for that tiara.

Have Fun!


Deciding which type of tiara band to use?

There are two basic types of tiara band, the crown band and the head band or alice band.

Which type you choose depends on the hairstyle of the wearer and the design of the tiara.

Tiara Crown Band

Example of a tiara crown band

The crown band is good to use for an upright tiara design because the whole of the front of the tiara can easily be seen.

The way to fasten it into your hair is to hide the ends of the band in your hairstyle. Take the top of your hair back into a bun, or mini pony tail, slide the crown band under the hair and fasten with grips.


side view of a crown tiara in the hair front view of a crown tiara in the hair


Tiara Head Band or Alice Band

Example of a tiara head band

A tiara hair band or alice band is a good choice for people with very short hair or for children. They two wings fit down behind the ears and can be hidden under the hair.