Displaying Your Jewellery

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It is worth putting some thought into how you will display your jewellery. An eye-catching table will make people stop and look and will encourage them to buy something. Listed below are a few suggestions for creating the best display possible.

Setting up your Stall

Before the craft fair or jewellery party think about how you would like to display your jewellery. If you can, get the dimensions of the display area and create a mock-up at home to allow you to see how your display will look.

Aim for a display that is interesting but not too cluttered so that each piece of jewellery can be seen at its best.

It can be very effective to feature a ‘show stopper’ piece of jewellery at the centre of your display. This is a piece of jewellery that is bigger, more spectacular and more expensive than your other jewellery. It will catch people’s attention as they walk past and will make stop and notice your jewellery.

Make some smaller pieces in a similar style, but cheaper, for people who cannot afford the 'showstopper' but who want to buy something like it.

Seek out and Use Props

Seek out props you can use to enhance your jewellery display. Use items that co-ordinate with and emphasise your jewellery.

For a modern look you can use busts or hands in black or white, For vintage jewellery try crystal dishes or glassware to display your designs on.

A trip to the local charity shop or boot fair can turn up some suitable items for a reasonable price.

Cover your Table

Cover your table with a piece of cloth, either in a neutral colour or in a colour that complements your designs and matches your business cards and promotional material.

Buy a cloth that is long enough to reach to the floor so that your can hide boxes and extra stock underneath it.

To add interest to your display, place boxes or tins underneath the cloth to raise the display area and create varying heights.

Provide Information

The more information you can give people about your jewellery the more they will become hooked into the story behind it and the more likely they are to buy something.

It is a good idea to make a little card for each piece of jewellery describing what it is made from and your inspiration for making it. If you have used expensive Sterling Silver findings, Swarovski or Semi-precious beads then tell people, it will add value to your jewellery.

If you are selling semi-precious jewellery a small card describing the properties of the stones can really work wonders. If the stones are also birth-stones don’t forget to mention that too.

People also want to know about you, what your inspiration is and why you do what you do, so make a card or an information leaflet, explaining all about you. If you can, place a framed photograph of yourself working in your studio in your display. It helps to emphasize that your jewellery is hand made and makes it seem even more special and desirable.

Show them the Price

Make sure that you clearly mark up all items with the price. Often people don’t like to ask, especially if you are busy with someone else, and will walk away without buying anything.

Naming your jewellery

It may seem extra work but giving your jewellery a unique and evocative name can give it an air of exclusivity. For example a necklace named Marie Antoinette will have much more appeal than one called Pink and White Bead Necklace.


Your jewellery will stand out much better it you have spotlights directed at it. Again it is a good idea to play around with this at home, before you go, so that you can work out what looks best and how many lights you need.

Remember to take a couple of extension leads with you as you may not be allocated many plug sockets.

Tailor your Display to Special Occasions

If you are selling at a venue before a special occasion, such as Valentines Day or Christmas, it can really help sales if you link your display to the occasion. For example for Valentines day you can scatter rose petals, for Christmas you can incorporate Christmas greenery and vintage tree ornaments, or make it very sumptuous with velvet, rich colours and sparkling baubles.

Don't let the buying stop

People often stop buying when their hands are full so to encourage people to buy as much as possible provide them with pretty little baskets or trays to put their selections in.


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